Klychko: All election race participants should have equal opportunity to create electoral funds

17.09.2012 11:18

Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” party, believes that all of the parties should have equal influence over formation of electoral funds. The politician voiced this opinion during a press meeting in Simferopol.

Klychko noted that he is very interested in the conditions other countries, especially in Europe, create for their election campaigns. He said that a legal framework, which guarantees equality of opportunity for all the parties, is common modus operandi in Europe. He commented, “According to the law, all the participants of the pre-election race should have equal rights and opportunities to present themselves to the electorate. In Ukraine, however, all of this is almost completely unregulated. The “sociologist wars” alone are baffling; in Europe, it would be impossible to have polling firms present varying results depending on the political force funding their research. There, if such a firm falsifies its information more than twice, it loses its license.”

Vitaliy remarked that Ukraine’s current legal system lacks specific rules regarding electoral funds. The leader of “UDAR” emphasized, “These rules should be equal for all political parties, especially because today the pro-government parties make full use of the country’s administrative and financial resources under their control.”

The politician informed the press that “UDAR’s” projected campaign budget for the upcoming parliamentary elections is approximately 90 million UAH. According to him, “Much of this sum comes from me personally. Our primary expenditures include outdoor and television advertising, as well as running our campaign headquarters and branch offices. I am thankful to the people who agreed to help with financing our campaign in the regions; these are primarily representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.” Klychko also emphasized that “UDAR”, being an opposition party, has limited resources and budget, and therefore will have one of the most modest ad campaigns in these elections.

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