“UDAR”: We should give people the opportunity to work even in small towns and villages

18.09.2012 11:10

Small and medium-sized business should be able to work unhindered in all settlements in all regions, in order to create opportunities for development and a decent standard of living for the residents of small towns and villages. Vitaliy Klychko, leader of the “UDAR” party addressed this issue during a meeting with the staff at the Kherson mechanics plant.

The leader of the party commented, “The budget of any country comes from, in part, from tax revenue from small and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, two-thirds of the jobs in European countries come from such enterprises. Unfortunately, Ukraine receives neither of these benefits. What we have instead is the monopoly of large business instead of a normal competitive market environment. We need the new jobs, and we need the tax revenue.”

Klychko believes that average citizens need opportunities for self-realization and decent living. He noted, “They should be able to achieve this without moving out of their native region or even out of the country. Ukraine consists of more than just the capital and the “millionaire” cities, it has hundreds of settlements. This is why it is critical to create an environment in which the people can remain where they are, e.g. to improve working conditions in villages, to revive production and renovate infrastructure in small towns, to guarantee a decent level of income, and after that to implement European standards of living, especially in medicine, education, and social care.” At the same time, Klychko emphasized that the primary impediments to this plan are the poor state of the economy, extreme levels of corruption, and selective legislation. The Party Leader announced, “These problems present a challenge on a nation-wide scale, a challenge which “UDAR” is ready to accept”.

The politician also noted that the revival and development of the agricultural sector should be a top priority for Ukraine. He said to the journalists, “Agricultural land is the biggest Ukrainian national treasure. Therefore, reorganization and development of the sector should become a strategic direction of future government reforms. It would be impossible to realize the colossal potential of the Ukrainian village without government subsidies and credit, without attracting investment to the sector, and without the use of innovative technologies.” Vitaliy is convinced that small and medium-sized business should have the opportunity to work effectively in the villages. He added, “UDAR” will initiate the introduction of 5-year preferential tax treatment for new agricultural enterprises in depressed areas.”

Today, Vitaliy Klychko will also visit Mykolayiv oblast, in order to meet with local press and speak in front of local residents. In Wednesday, he will meet residents of Nova Odessa, Voznesensk, Yuzhnoukrayinsk and Pervomaysk.

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