Viktor Chumak: Pro-government candidates advertise “improvements” made at the expense of the citizens

19.09.2012 10:04

“The use of administrative resources both by official pro-government candidates and by pseudo-independent candidates has become the norm in Kyiv this election season. They are trying to present the regular duties of the local government as their personal achievements.” This is how Viktor Chumak, a candidate from “UDAR” described the recent influx of “improvement” reports from pro-government candidates, ranging from road repairs to installing park benches and planting trees.

Chumak commented, “Both the so-called “independents” and the official candidates from the Party of Regions, just like all pro-government businessmen are used to extracting money from the capital city, rather than investing into it. Therefore, they are trying to minimize their expenditures on these elections, by laying claim to everything that public utility and service companies of the city are doing.

“This campaign technique is very simple – the pro-government candidates simply tie any good developments in the city to their name. In order to do this, all they need is timely information tips from the Kyiv City State Administration about planned or ongoing projects beneficial to the city. After this, the candidate simply needs to make a public appearance at the project site in order to demonstrate his or her connection to the “improvements”, or stick their name on the new benches or playgrounds.

“These people propose Kyiv residents to support candidates, who have built their election campaign on outright lies and who do not shy away from any opportunities to deceive the people. The extreme cynicism of this technique lies in the fact that the improvements allegedly introduced by the candidates are in fact financed by the taxes from the people being deceived, the Kyiv residents themselves.

“We have made this mistake before, when we elected such a candidate as Kyiv’s mayor, to our own detriment. This is why we need to learn to tell apart the candidates who really work in the interest of the Kyiv community from the selfish people who see the city as nothing but a resource for illegal personal enrichment.”

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