Valentyn Nalyvaychenko: New Parliament Should Build Anti-Corruption Coalition

26.09.2012 11:51

The new Parliament should build an anti-corruption coalition involving all those seeking to liberate Ukraine from corruption and injustice, Party of Regions and its satellites. The statement was made by Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, an “UDAR” party candidate for Member of Parliament, during the roundtable meeting held in Kyiv.

According to Nalyvaychenko, the inefficient Parliament, which has been converted into the authorities’ “bastion”, serves as the foundation for President Yanukovych’s regime.  Irresponsible MPs have neither moral strength nor professional knowledge and skills to serve the public interests. Thus it is imperative to bring new responsible politicians into the new Parliament and form a democratic, patriotic and, most importantly, anti-corruption majority.

Nalyvaychenko said: “The Parliament does nothing but small talk. However, besides talks there should be also actions. “UDAR” has the political will and courage to create an anti-corruption agency that will be solely subordinate and accountable to the Parliament. It will be the real leverage to fight corruption.”

In addition, the politician said that the governing body of the Anti-Corruption Agency will be the Public Council that will include journalists and human rights defenders who are not marked and marred by corrupt practices with the incumbent government. As such the Anti-Corruption Agency will be under strict public control.

Nalyvaychenko said: “As part of the new Parliament, we will definitely lustrate public officials, expel corrupt officials and cancel all corrupt laws that have been passed by this majority. And, most importantly, we will return what has been stolen to people.”

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