None of “UDAR”’s Representatives Allowed To Work In Precinct Election Committees

26.09.2012 13:44

According to the draw results, neither “UDAR” nor its representatives, Maksym Kidruk and Oleh Didenko, as well as representatives of the Christian Democratic Party of Ukraine and “Young Generation for Power” with whom “UDAR” have signed a cooperation agreement to protect election results, will have seats on precinct election commission for districts #99 and #101 in Kirovohrad.

In other words, according to the recent research findings, the second most popularly rated party in Kirovohrad Region won’t have seats in any precinct election committees.

It looks strange that the distribution of seats in all precinct election committees except the district #102 was held manually instead of done by computer, as recommended by the Central Election Commission.

Commenting on the draw results, “UDAR” representatives in Kirovohrad Oblast said:  “This can only mean one thing:  the authorities are getting ready for large scale rigged elections. By having fully controlled election committees, it will be an easy thing to do.”

The regional lawyers are already contesting the results of the draw, which was held with numerous violations. “We will be fighting for voters’ rights by all legal means and appeal against this so called “draw” which was held with numerous violations of the election legislation.”

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