Oksana Prodan: The Government Should Work for the People, Not Vice Versa

27.09.2012 12:31

Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions failed at changing Ukraine, because they pursued their personal aims under the guise of reforms. The current government never intended to carry out real reforms.

This was the opinion voiced by Oksana Prodan, one of the organizers of “Tax Maidan” and party list candidate from “UDAR” during a meeting of Vitaliy Portnikov’s Polit Club.

She declared, “The reforms of the current government turned out fruitless because the aims they declared and the aims they pursued were fundamentally different. For example, when they carried out the tax and pension reforms, their real aim was to destroy the most politically and socially active population groups, and to prevent the creation of a middle class, because these are the people who are able to protest and fight against the government. They wanted to chase everyone back to the factories and turn them into cheap labor.” According to Prodan, only the active protests of the citizens prevented the Party of Regions from realizing such plans.

Prodan declared, “Ukraine definitely needs reforms. However, the first thing we need to do is to reverse the principle idea that the citizens serve the government, the officials, and the government. The government should serve the people. The citizens should be of foremost importance to the government, while the officials should be public servants.”

The “UDAR” candidate also commented on the US Senate resolution regarding Ukraine, especially the part recommending sanctions against select Ukrainian “elites”. Prodan suggested that these people will likely be “targeted one by one”.

She noted, “They feel like a wolf pack when they are together. However, the resolution means that they will be dealt with on a personal basis, and they are afraid of that. The addition of a specific list of people was not incidental; these are the first people to be targeted.”

Prodan is convinced, “We have been hoping for such a resolution for a long time now, one that targets specific officials rather than Ukraine as a whole. Why now? Because it’s election season. This is the last warning to the government that if they don’t hold honest elections they won’t be welcome abroad.”

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