Vitaliy Klychko: It is easier for me to schedule a meeting with European presidents rather than representatives of Ukrainian government; they are hiding.

27.09.2012 16:20

It seems like members of the oppositions have an easier time scheduling meetings with foreign leaders and politicians that with Ukrainian government officials. Leader of the “UDAR” Party Vitaliy Klychko commented on the issue at a press conference in Odessa.

According to Klychko, he has been seeking a meeting with Prosecutor General Pshonka for over two weeks in order to discuss “UDAR” Party members’ prosecution.

Klychko said, “It seems as if the officials are hiding from us. It is easier for me to schedule a meeting with presidents of European countries rather than officials who pretend that everything is fine in Ukraine. Prosecutor General is aware of my desire to meet with him. Let’s see things for what they are – these people are hiding from us.”

The politician reminded journalists about one of the most scandalous examples of pressure put on “UDAR” party members, namely the initiation of 4 criminal cases against head of “UDAR” Zaporizhzhya oblast organization Vadym Kryvokhatko and announcing him as wanted by the militia. His problems began as soon as he joined the opposition. It would be reasonable to assume that all these criminal cases are tied exclusively to the fact that Kryvokhatko has high popular ratings in his single-mandate district and poses a real risk to the pro-government candidate. Leader of “UDAR” mentioned that this was a key issue he wanted to discuss with Prosecutor General; others included violations of the election law, mass vote-buying, and fraudulent election committee member selection process.

“They are putting pressure on us, they are not happy to see us, they are using the Tax Service, public prosecution, militia. Our billboards are constantly spoiled, replaced or simply cut down”, Klychko commented.  He noted that on occasion the desire of the pro-government forces to hinder “UDAR”’s campaign takes absurd forms. To make his point, the politician demonstrated a leaflet published by the Party of Regions, which described “UDAR” and VO “Svoboda” as Nazis who will “hang us” if they get into power.

He said, “The Party of Regions claims that Klychko will hang Odessa residents. I have to say that such dirty comments will hardly help them lower our support ratings.” Klychko expects “UDAR” to show good results in Odessa oblast elections, some of the best in the country.

As part of his trip to the oblast, Vitaliy Klychko already visited Bilyayevka, Yuzhny, Anan’eva, and held a mass rally on Katerynska square in Odessa.

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