Olha Herasymyuk: I Can’t Even Put up Billboards in My District

27.09.2012 20:42

Famous TV anchor and election candidate from the “UDAR” party Olha Herasymyuk addressed the pressure and obstacles for opposition candidates during a meeting with Yuzhny city community.

According to Herasymyuk, her district was prepared ahead of time to be a one-candidate one-party playing field. She explained, “Opposition candidates can’t put up their advertisements here – I have exactly one billboard in the district. Any contacts by entrepreneurs with the opposition are also prohibited, under the threat of losing business license. We can’t enter government and public institutions; kindergartens and hospitals close their doors to us, heads of village and regional councils leave their posts if they hear we’re coming.”

She also noted that the selection process for precinct election committees was carried out in a way “that makes obvious the preparations for a crazy amount of fraud.” Herasymyuk commented, “How can we fight this? I am confident that the locals will oppose such developments.”

According to the TV anchor, the people of Ukraine are waiting for new politicians and seeking new qualities in politics. The candidate said, “People are annoyed, when the politicians treat them like swine. They are ready to come to the election stations, offer help out of their own initiative, work as election observers. They constantly ask us to stand together for our victory, because they don’t want to be treated like white and blue cattle.”

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