Klychko in Odessa: We Aim for Parliament in order to Change the Country

27.09.2012 21:06

September 27, a mass rally of “UDAR” supporters took place on Katerynska square in Odessa. Over 4,000 local residents came to talk with Party Leader Vitaliy Klychko. The politician introduced single-mandate candidates for local districts and answered numerous questions.

In response to the question whether the Leader of “UDAR” thinks legal immunity for Verkhovna Rada deputies should be abolished, Klychko said, “Yes, I do, but it’s more than just that. In front of you stand your single-mandate candidates. They run for Parliament not for the sake of titles or advantages. They do it for the chance to work on changing this country. Those who are in the government now want to return for more advantages. We aim for change.” These words caused a wave of applause from all present of the square.

He continued, “We continue to build our team, more and more people are joining each day. Every single one of them answers before me and the rest of the party, all of us answer before the party. These people on the stage, they live in your region, know your problems. They took this responsibility, because they are tired of waiting. We are going to fight, because the most important things we have are the trust of the people, our names and reputation. It takes years to earn them, but only minutes to lose them. We will do everything in our power in order to retain the trust of those, who place their hopes on us.

“All of you probably want to ask us, whether we can keep this promise, whether we can resist the temptation of money and power. Does anyone want to answer?” With these words Klychko turned the Odessa “UDAR” team. Olha Herasymyuk took up the offer, “Vitaliy, we are your team. Right now, we are looking openly into your eyes, and you can see ours. We gave our oaths that we will not compromise our principles and beliefs. For us, Ukraine is not for sale.”

Klychko also urged Odessa residents to attend the elections and vote their conscience. He added, “As for the truthful results of the elections – I’m confident that we can protect them together.

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