Vitaliy Klychko: Sociologists Must Make Accurate Forecasts

28.09.2012 14:33

“UDAR” is committed to fair sociological practices and has never ordered surveys that would artificially “inflate” its ratings. The statement was made by Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of “UDAR” party, during his visit to Odessa Region.

“We are totally opposed to “social wars”, contract surveys that disqualify sociology as a science and distort the real approval ratings for political parties”, said Klychko. He noted that UDAR has not use for sponsored surveys and the party has never followed this practice. “The rating of our party is growing since we do real work instead of devising fictitious numbers and percentage.”

Klychko believes the sociology discipline has much in common  with the medical field. He added: “Sociologists just like doctors must make accurate diagnoses and measure public sentiments. Is there a single patient who’d like to be cheated by a doctor?”

Klychko noted that it makes sense to trust public opinion poll results of those sociological organizations that had not been involved in manipulation, valued their reputation and always provided objective data. “Such organizations deserve to be trusted and everyone knows them well”, Klychko told journalists.

“We will fight against one-night-stand companies that use ratings in order to manipulate the election results. As members of the new Parliament, we will initiate a law that would deprive companies involved in public manipulation of a license”, said “UDAR” Leader. He stressed this is a standard practice in Europe where the companies are deprived of the license if they repeatedly contribute to erroneous polling data.

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