Vitaliy Klychko: Modern Ukraine is an Incubator of Corruption

29.09.2012 11:47

Centralization of power and corruption impede development of local self-government. The Leader of the “UDAR” Party Vitaliy Klychko said during his appearance on the “Shuster.LIVE” TV program.

The politician emphasized the fact that budget funds expended in the regions lack transparency, and local communities have no control over the actions of officials, while in the rest of the world, democratic institutions have this power. Klychko used the capital city as an example, where the head of the Administration makes most of the decisions on the budget and performs budgetary control as well. The Leader of “UDAR” noted, “Kyiv lacks transparency in budget operations and the local residents are unaware how the funds are spent. Unfortunately, none of the Kyiv residents have the power to influence these processes in their houses, on their streets, or in their city. There are no guarantees that the Administration will not suddenly decide to begin construction in your own backyard.”

Vitaliy Klychko believes that the system where corruption became the norm needs changing, in order to promote local self-government. He commented, “How can a government official with an official salary of several thousand UAH afford cars and houses worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? Everyone understands that all of this is bought using money received from corruption schemes and bribes. If we don’t change this, soon people will come to Ukraine to see the “incubator of corruption” just like they visit the Statue of Liberty in the United States.”

Vitaliy Klychko thinks that the primary method of fighting corruption should be lustration of the government. The Leader of “UDAR” mentioned Georgia, which managed to defeat corruption and bribery in a very short time, “We need radical measures, and we need to begin with ourselves, because the officials who worked in the government before will never work for the benefit of the country, they will only work to fill their own pockets. Georgia is a small country, famous for its close family relations, but even they managed to change the system there.”

Vitaliy reminded the audience that one of the aims of the “UDAR” party is to create an Anti-Corruption Bureau, which will investigate officials involved in corruption schemes. The operation of the Bureau will in turn be controlled by the mass media and public organizations. In response to the critics saying that “UDAR” party list also includes incumbent deputies, Klychko reminded them that “UDAR” was the only party to reveal its party list to the Civic movement "Chesno" for evaluation.

The Leader of “UDAR” summarized, “We need to begin with ourselves. Everyone says we should, but instead begin with “UDAR” criticism. We have already cleaned up our member lists. It is easy to talk about anti-corruption mechanisms, but if we don’t begin with ourselves, then all our actions will prove ineffective. If we do not change the system, then developing local self-government or installing new budget control mechanisms will not achieve a thing. Monitoring the actions of government officials is but a first step in implementing a long list of necessary reforms.”

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