Vitaliy Klychko Urged Kyiv Residents not to Vote for Corrupt Local Officials Running for Parliament to gain Immunity against prosecution

29.09.2012 16:00

Vitaliy Klychko, the Leader of “UDAR” party, urged Kyiv residents not to vote for corrupt local officials who for years have spoiled the city and now are running for the Parliament for the sake of immunity from prosecution. As an example, he noted half of “Chernovetskiy’s young team members” who became known for exclusively looting and plundering Kyiv now are running for the Parliament as independent candidates in the city’s single-mandate districts, trying to buy voters.

The statement was made during the meeting with Kyiv residents at St. Michael’s Square. The meeting was held in support of Yaroslav Didenko, an “UDAR” party candidate for district #221.

Klychko mentioned the capital city faces acute problems with educational facilities for children, hospitals, and shops. These problems are especially obvious in the central areas of Kyiv where almost all former nurseries and libraries were given into hands of the “right people”. “Instead of developing the infrastructure of the city center as it is done in European countries, each square meter of the city’s land is used for building. There used to be three nurseries on Hrushevskoho Street - now it has skyscrapers instead”. Klychko said this is how local government officials earn their fortune. “There is only one way for our government officials to end up in jail, i.e. if they happen to be in the way of another higher ranking corrupt official, and we know that well,” he added.

Klychko mentioned the “UDAR” faction made every effort to protect rights of the Kyiv residents, i.e. opposed the loot-and-plunder of the city, filed complaints against unlawful acts in courts, tried to prevent the Kyiv Council’s authorities from violating justice. Klychko urged the Kyiv residents not to make the same mistake by voting for pseudo-politicians who showed their real faces and care for people already.

Klychko reminded that Oles’ Dovhyi, Alla Shlapak, one of Chernovetskiy’s subordinates, the latter’s relative Suprunenko are once again striving for power. The premises of the Kyiv Council are too small for them now, so they’re after the Parliament’s ones now. He urged the Kyiv residents not to buy into their sweet promises and vote for people who made their fortune via shady deals and frauds but now are trying to buy the voters. “Don’t do that, don’t sell your future. Each and every one of you is in charge of the city, your street and your house. And you should be fighting. If you join our fight, we will do our best to meet your expectations”, said the Leader of “UDAR”. He noted that the Kyiv residents had entrusted the Chernovetnskiy’s team twice by being tricked by the «pre-election rations”. As a result of its activities, the capital city and hence each of its residents lost a number of buildings, green zones, parks, and land plots.

After Vitaliy Klychko finished his speech, Nadia Hryniv, a craftswoman, joined him on the stage. She said she didn’t miss a single match of the Klychko brothers, always supported them and believed in their victory. So she made amulets that should help them in politics and sports. “Let’s believe and support them”, she said.

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