Valentyn Nalyvaychenko: “UDAR” Jointly with Public Compiles List of Corrupt Officials to be removed from power

30.09.2012 12:11

“UDAR” party completed the first stage of the nation-wide “Lustration of Power” campaign. The statement was made by Valentyn Nalyvaychenko during his tour of Volyn Region.

“UDAR” joined efforts with public representatives to reveal and document corruption cases.  Effective September 5, every citizen who has been affected by the corruption can fill out a special form and put it in the campaign boxes located in the “UDAR” party’s propaganda tents. The documents can also be filed online at

Nalyvaychenko thanked those who had already joined the campaign and assured that each application submitted during the first stage of the campaign will be reviewed and monitored as appropriate. In such a way “UDAR” supported by the public is striving to compile a list of corrupt officials. The applications submitted to date are being closely reviewed now and will be shortly made public.

“We will make the names of the corrupt officials public. The evidence that we will be able to collect during the campaign will be used to conduct a series of anti-corruption investigations. The Anti-Corruption Agency which we will definitely build in the new Parliament will be in charge,” said Nalyvaychenko.

He mentioned that “UDAR” had already drafted a bill regarding the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Agency. It will be the key leverage to fight the corruption. The Agency will be subordinate and accountable to the Parliament and cover all aspects of handling the corruption, i.e. from publication of income and expense declarations, administrative evaluation to investigation of corruption cases. The governing body of the Anti-Corruption Agency will be the Public Council that will include journalists and human rights defenders who are not marked and marred by corrupt practices with the incumbent government.

“For us, “Lustration of Power” means that we should first and foremost expel the corrupt officials and prevent them from holding leading positions in the future. In addition, after disclosing their offshore accounts and conducting an independent international investigation, we should return what has been stolen to people. Our experience, as well as international ties suggest that FAFT and other international organizations will help us do it”, added Nalyvaychenko.

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