Vitaliy Klychko: We Will Give Pro-Government Candidates No Chance to Win in Single-Mandate Districts

01.10.2012 14:43

“UDAR” party identified the districts where it would be ready to withdraw its candidates and support candidates from Batkivshchyna party, as well as pro-opposition self-nominated candidates. “UDAR” also suggests that Batkivshchyna party should withdraw its candidates in districts where, according to public opinion poll results, “UDAR” candidates enjoy higher-level support than candidates from other opposition parties. In addition, “UDAR” suggests that all opposition parties immediately conduct a sociological survey to identify a single candidate with strong potential to beat pro-government candidates in the remaining districts.

“From the very beginning, guided by the principle of unity, we have called on the opposition to work together in the majority constituencies and nominate one opposition candidate. Ambitions of political leaders and political battles should become a non-issue now; what matters most is giving pro-government candidates no chance to win in the single-mandate districts, despite their access to powerful administrative and financial resources as well as repression techniques”, said Klychko during his meeting with journalists at the Center for Eastern Studies in Warsaw. The Center hosted Klychko’s meeting with experts, media and NGO representatives during which he talked about external and internal challenges in today’s Ukraine.

Klychko believes that if they manage to come to an agreement with Batkivshchyna party regarding single-mandate candidates and coordinated control over the election process and vote counting, the opposition will win the Parliamentary elections.

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