Circulation of “Dark PR” against Taras Kutovy Was Prevented in Poltava Oblast

01.10.2012 16:28

An edition of fake newspapers with reports against Taras Kutovy, “UDAR” candidate in election district #151, was discovered in Pyryatyn, Poltava oblast.

On October 1, 2012 members of the opposition together with law enforcement detained a minivan with almost 15,000 leaflets, which according to “source data” printed on them originated from the “Batkivshchyna” candidate in the district, Mykola Karnaukh.

The two columns of this publication contain false information about another opposition candidate in this district, Taras Kutovy of the “UDAR” Party. The leaflets claimed that he supposedly worked with the oligarchs.

The representative of “Batkivshchyna” Mykola Karnaukh, who allegedly ordered this publication, vehemently denied his involvement in any dark PR against the “UDAR” Party or its representatives in the district, and called the leaflets “an attempt to cause a split between opposition forces and sow distrust in their relations.”

Kutovy, the primary target of this provocation, also considers local officials to be the real commissioners of this “junk”. He emphasized the fact that the Party of Regions nominated weak candidates in his district, because their party is steadily losing support in Poltava region. Therefore, they are prepared to use any methods available in order to draw support away from the opposition candidates, who are the real favorites of the campaign. Traditional methods of the pro-government party no longer work, because people refuse to exchange their votes for food packages, and so they decided to split the opposition using provocations, dark PR, and outright lies.

Mykola Karnaukh of “Batkivshchyna” noted that he contacted law enforcement as soon as he found out that libelous leaflets are distributed in Pyryatyn using his name. Together with law enforcement officers, they detained people who spread these leaflets and initiated investigation against them.

Taras Kutovy of “UDAR” declared, “We will demand that the investigation is swift, the results, regardless of the implications for the government, are made public, and the guilty are punished.”

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