Nalyvaychenko: UDAR Will Protect Honest Election Results, with People in the Streets if Need Be

01.10.2012 17:39

Nalyvaychenko declared that anyone who dares to break the law will be held responsible and noted that “UDAR” relies primarily on regular citizens for this.

He said, “There are nine million “UDAR” supporters in the country; they are the best insurance of honest elections. But we still promise these nine million that every “UDAR” candidate will spend Election Day and the night after the voting at the election stations, together with all of you, in order to protect every vote.”

Nalyvaychenko also remarked that there are agreements already in place with the EU countries, Canada, United States, and Russia about sending and receiving election observers. He assured, “We will make full use of this vote protection mechanism.”

Additionally, Nalyvaychenko noted, “Our candidates opened centers of legal assistance for citizens of every region, every district. This is another legal mechanism, which we will undoubtedly employ in order to help citizens protect their rights. These centers will remain operational after the elections in order to ensure honest voting procedures in the future.”

The politician declared, “If the current government decides to go through with violations, we will not leave our posts at the election stations until honest results are announced. In case the falsifiers refuse to correct the mistakes and act according to the law, “UDAR” will join the people in the streets in order to ensure honest elections. We will make no compromises with the current government, falsifiers and corrupt officials.”

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