On October 5 Vitaliy Klychko Will Report Numerous Incidents of Persecution of Party Members and Election Law Violations during Meeting with Attorney General

02.10.2012 12:54

On October 5 Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of “UDAR” party, will hold a meeting with Victor Pshonka, Attorney General of Ukraine, during which he plans to report numerous incidents of pressure and persecution of the party members taken place from the onset of the election campaign.

During his meeting with Attorney General, Vitaliy Klychko plans to focus on numerous violations of the Election Law.

Klychko said, “The harassment campaign launched by law enforcement officers against Vadym Kryvohatko, the “UDAR” Party candidate in Zaporizhzhya Region is the most telling example. Four criminal probes have been opened against him, he has been put on a wanted list, and the tax service is terrorizing his family and staff members.  On top of that, a patrol car is constantly watching the Party’s regional office, even without disguise.” Leader of “UDAR” party believes that the pressure on members of the opposition parties, which has been taking place since the very beginning of the election campaign, is politically motivated. And the primary reason for this political war is the high approval rating that Kryvohatko has in the district where he is beating a pro-government candidate.

The party stated that Governor of Zaporizhzhya is directly involved in the harassment and persecution of Kryvohatko. He should have been behind political processes and handled issues directly related to regional development instead of chasing opponents.

Klychko also said that he had been trying to meet with Attorney General for two weeks without success. His representatives repeatedly requested the meeting, sent letters outlining the problem, as well as placed phone calls.  He mentioned, “The meeting was finally confirmed only after I had said in public that it is easier for the Ukrainian opposition to meet with presidents of other countries than with Ukrainian officials, including Attorney General”.  

The Party's Press Office also stressed that the postponement of meeting between Attorney General and Leader of “UDAR” is a direct violation of the Ukrainian Law that warrants an immediate personal meeting between heads of law enforcement bodies and Heroes of Ukraine. This Law is ignored if the title of Hero of Ukraine belongs to opposition members.

In addition, the Party’s Press Office said that “UDAR” representatives would picket the General Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday, October 3 at 9:00 am, demanding that unmotivated pressure on members of the “UDAR” Party in various regions of Ukraine be stopped.

«UDAR» calls on other opposition parties to join it in demanding that politically motivated and criminal cases against opposition candidates be suspended. The Party also intends to provide international organizations monitoring the election campaign in Ukraine with all information it has about pressure and intimidation of candidates. 

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