Vitaliy Kovalchuk: “UDAR”’s Aim Is to Dismiss Party of Regions from Power and Form a Completely New Parliamentт

02.10.2012 18:43

“UDAR” candidates have two primary goals: dismissing from power Party of Regions and its satellites like the Communist Party, and forming a completely new Parliament. Head of “UDAR” election HQ and Deputy Leader of the “UDAR” party Vitaliy Kovalchuk made this declaration in his interview with “Arguments and Fats” newspaper.

“We made it completely clear that we are opposed to the current government. However, we are also against a black-and-white vision of the country. We are an alternative political force, and we are ready to look for common ground with “Batkivshchyna” in our fight against the Party of Regions”, declared Kovalchuk.

According to him, “UDAR” has proposed a mechanism, which would allow the democratic forces to support the strongest candidates in every district and ensure their common victory. These people would be decided according to popular opinion polls rather than back-stage deals or party leader “quotas” and sympathies.

Kovalchuk explained how the proposed mechanisms would minimize the influence of separate political forces on the selection process for the “single candidates”. “We invited famous journalists, experts and political scientists, who have not exhibited any party bias. Considering their reputation, we think that the opposition and the society as a whole will trust their opinion”, noted the Head of “UDAR” HQ.

Vitaliy Kovalchuk believes that they should measure not only the popularity of party-affiliated candidates, but also of independents, some of whom are well-known community leaders who share the opposition’s democratic principles. “The communities themselves will tell us which candidates are the most promising, thanks to these studies. Then we’ll have to see whether the parties are ready to listen to the people”, he said.

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