Vitaliy Kovalchuk: Next Parliament Will Not Have a Pro-President Coalition

02.10.2012 18:45

Democratic forces have to form a majority coalition in the next Parliament and demand dismissal of the current government. Head of “UDAR” election HQ and Deputy Leader of the “UDAR” party Vitaliy Kovalchuk made this declaration in his interview with “Arguments and Fats” newspaper.

He emphasized, “We must form a majority in the Parliament. Next step – a vote of no confidence for the current government. This is the only way to force the President to assign new Cabinet members supported by the Parliament.” Kovalchuk also said he was convinced that the new Parliament will not have a pro-President coalition.

Deputy Leader of “UDAR” also talked about primary activities of his political force in the new Parliament. “Our primary focus will be fighting corruption. First of all, we will create an anti-corruption agency, a completely independent body of power, which will monitor officials’ activity. Secondly, we will minimize the influence bureaucrats have on decision-making”, Kovalchuk told the journalists. He listed other first-priority steps for destroying corruption, which included minimizing the number of regulation and licensing institutions.

In response to journalists’ questions regarding adoption of a budget by the new Parliament, Kovalchuk emphasized the fact that the current government is hiding estimates of the current budget from the general public, “Its indicators are unavailable to experts, deputies, and it would seem even most government officials. This speaks volumes about the unrealistic and unprofessional nature of this budget project. What would be the point of hiding it from everyone until the elections, otherwise?”

Kovalchuk believes, “A government formed on demand from democratic forces will be able to offer a new, realistic budget project for Parliament to adopt within a short period of time. At the very least, a budget for Q1 2013 can be adopted very quickly.”

At the same time, Kovalchuk noted that the budget system needed a change regardless. He stressed, “We are strongly opposed to its centralized nature. Central government should only be responsible for civil defense, emergency situations, and construction of transport corridors and railways. Everything else should be handled by local governments. Local councils should determine their financial plans independently. This would allow for adequate welfare, pensions, and still leave enough funds for development, as proven by multiple European countries.”

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