Vitaliy Klychko: It’s Essential to Protect Farmers’ Right to Work on Their Own Land

03.10.2012 16:30

Ukraine should develop transparent land market regulation legislation.  Until then, there should a ban on sale of farmland to anyone, including foreigners.

This statement was made by Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” Party during his meeting with residents of Dunaiivtsi in Khmelnytsky Region.

According to Klychko, what we are seeing today is the following scenario: the farmland is being bought up for next to nothing from its current owners and concentrated in hands of a handful of oligarchs. He added that the law to create a land bank which will enable this reallocation had been approved with this purpose in mind.

Klychko believes, “Land should be a commodity in Ukraine. However, today there is a chance that it will be concentrated in the hands of a few oligarchs. They have already sliced and diced enterprises and now wish to do the same with the land. We have a lot of land but it should be owned by the people who work on it.”

He stressed that “UDAR” supports a ban on the land sale. “First and foremost, we should protect the right of Ukrainians to work on their land and make money off it. The land is the primary natural resource of our country.”

In addition, Klychko also spoke in favor of introducing biometric passports. “I find this necessary as this is a standard practice in Europe. At the same time, however, I’m unwilling for such decisions to be made in a non-transparent manner. I’m against an imperfect law pleasing corrupt officials who will put several millions of dollars in their pockets”, said Klychko.

The Leader of “UDAR” also visited Kamianets-Podilsky and Starokostiantyniv. A meeting with residents of Khmelnytsky is scheduled to take place in the evening.

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