Klychko: We Will Do Everything to Win in Single-Mandate Districts

04.10.2012 15:18

“UDAR” says that negotiations about dividing districts between opposition forces are still in progress.

“UDAR” hopes that the joint decision with “Batkivshchyna” will be reached soon, and the parties will publish a list of “single opposition candidates” according to popular opinion polls in the districts. “UDAR” emphasizes that opposition forces and their leaders should discard ambitions and make a sober evaluation of candidates’ prospects in their districts; the most popular candidates should be supported jointly. In a number of districts, where voter sympathies are not obvious, “UDAR” proposed to perform sociological studies with the help of independent centers in order to determine, which candidates have the best chances for victory.

According to Klychko, “UDAR” realizes that the deadline for opposition forces to agree on “single candidates” and remove the rest from the race is drawing near. Here is how he commented this during an interview in Vinnytsya region:

“As of now, the negotiations are still ongoing. We understand that we can prevail over pro-government candidates only if opposition forces coordinate their actions. We are working actively in this direction; however, I am not prepared to announce specific names and numbers at this point. As soon as we reach an agreement, we will make a public announcement about it.”

“UDAR” admits that most of the “single candidates” have already been agreed upon. Public opinion polls should be held to determine candidates for the rest of the districts as soon as possible.

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