“Dark PR” against “UDAR” in the West Intensifies

04.10.2012 14:07

The cases of dirty and false information being circulated about the “UDAR” Party in Western Ukraine are growing more and more numerous in Western Ukraine. For example, several Lviv newspapers have published articles, whose only aim is to discredit “UDAR” candidates and Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the Party personally. These reports cite non-existent sources and contain flat-out lies and insults.

Skolivsky region of Lviv oblast has seen “black” leaflets without source data, which contain baseless chauvinistic accusations against “UDAR” members.

At the same time, there is a coordinated, targeted advertisement campaign against “UDAR” candidates in Zararpatska oblast. For example, unidentified people are spreading rumors that the local single-mandate candidate from “UDAR” has exited the race. Vasyl Lazoryshinets, famous Ukrainian cardiac surgeon and deputy candidate in district #71 personally refuted these statemants, “These are just political games; this information is baseless. Any rumors about me stepping down in favor of another candidate are simple provocation.”

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