Klychko: Our Ratings Grow, because We Do Not Hide from People

06.10.2012 11:38

Direct contact with the voters, refusal to use “dirty” campaign methods and clear communication of pre-election program provisions are the key to “UDAR”’s rapid growth in public opinion polls. Vitaliy Klychko communicated this point during a conversation with mass media representatives after his visit to Buchach, Ternopil oblast.

“According to sociologists, “UDAR” is now the runner-up in the parliamentary race. Our ratings are growing, because we reach out to the voters around the country in person. Today, me and my fellow party members are constantly travelling to various regions of Ukraine in order to meet with the people, tell them about our Party’s goals and principles, outline our action plan in the future Parliament, and explain how we are going to overcome today’s “insurmountable” problems, e.g. total corruption, irresponsible government, all-permissive environment for judges and law enforcement, etc.,” said Klychko. The politician is convinced that these factors are the key to “UDAR”’s success.

At the same time, the politician noted that there is still a month of election campaign ahead and that the opposition should continue to work hard at preventing the Party of Regions from forming a majority in the Verkhovna Rada.

“Any competition among opposition forces is a victory for the Party of Regions. The main task for all opposition representatives should persuade the citizens, especially those who have not made their choice yet, to attend the polls on Election Day, vote honestly, and be willing and able to defend their vote,” emphasized Klychko.

Aside from Buchach, Vitaliy Klychko visited Chortkiv, Terebovlya, Berezhany, Zbarazh, and Kremenets as part of his trip to Ternopil oblast.

On October 9-10, the politician will meet with residents of Sumy oblast; on October 11 he will travel to Poltava oblast.

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