Vitaliy Klychko: “We Need a Country with the Rule of Law”

07.10.2012 16:32

Ukraine should become a country of European standards where Rule of Law not behind-the-scenes deals determine the progress of the country. The Leader of the “UDAR” Party made this point during his meeting with residents of Tetiyiv, Kyiv oblast.

While talking to the residents, Vitaliy Klychko claimed, “We need well-defined “rules of the game”, because today we lack these rules, lack real laws. All should be equal before the law, regardless of their title or financial status. Everyone – both regular citizens and government officials – should answer equally before the law. All modern governments operate according to this principle.”

As an example, Vitaliy brought up the situation in Germany, when it turned out that the President received a preferential mortgage on a house for his family, which precipitated a scandal resulting in his stepping down from power. Klychko added, “At the same time, the whole world knows that it’s twice as expensive to build a stadium in Kyiv as it is in Warsaw, and that government officials put another such “stadium” in their pockets. However, nobody answered for this, and none of those officials are out of their jobs.”

According to the Leader of “UDAR”, the solution to this problem would be a series of laws allowing civil society to monitor government actions. “We will insist on passing a law regarding civil control over government. Nowadays deputies, officials, and judges are a special caste of people immune to the law and external control over their actions. We believe that everyone involved in governing the state must perform their duties, and must step down if they compromise public trust. If this is impossible to have these officials step down of their own accord, as it usually happens in civilized countries, then we need a law that can force them to resign,” summarized Klychko.

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