“UDAR” Supporters Brutally Beaten in Svyatoshyn District in Kyiv

08.10.2012 10:10

On Sunday, October 7, around 1:30 pm, unidentified assailants brutally beat supporters of the “UDAR” Party at the propaganda tent located on 22/12 Verkhovynna Street in Svyatoshyn District, electoral district #219.

A retired woman and a 20-year-old man were attacked by a group of 10 people demanding to cease party promotion under threats to destroy the tent. The assailants struck the woman’s head causing a concussion, as well as ripped off her face. The boy ended up with a broken nose. The assault was stopped by the locals who stepped in and called the police and ambulance.

Police officers of Svyatoshyn district documented the beating and even managed to arrest one of the assailants. Police investigation is currently underway. Assault victims were sent to a hospital to document the beating.

According to “UDAR”, this looks like a contract-style assault in order to scare party supporters and prevent them from helping “UDAR” conduct the advertisement campaign.

Serhiy Fedorchenko, an “UDAR” party candidate in district #219 mentioned, “The “UDAR” Party campaign has been positively perceived by the district residents. Other parties, the pro-government ones in particular, can’t say they have strong support among voters. It is clear that with three weeks left until the end of the election campaign, our opponents have no other tools to use in order to prevent “UDAR” from winning except threats and violence. However, I have no doubts that this will get them nowhere. Kyiv residents are not easily scared.”

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