Klychko Meeting Announcements Being Destroyed in Poltava

08.10.2012 18:59

On October 10 near the Theatre named after Mykola Gogol in Poltava, “UDAR” scheduled a meeting between local residents and Vitaliy Klychko. Local activists posted announcements of this meeting around the city in order to invite the voters to participate in the event.

However, “UDAR”’s opponents took this invitation poorly. According to “UDAR” Poltava oblast election office staff, representatives of Nataliya Korolevska party destroyed “UDAR” posters immediately after their distribution and replaced them with announcements of their own event.

Poltava residents witnessed this in multiple districts of the city. In most cases, “UDAR” posters were simply torn down, spoiled or replaced. Even local public service workers participated in this; at the same time, pro-government advertisements remain intact.

We would like to remind everyone that the Leader of “UDAR” will visit Poltava, Velyka Bahachtsya, Myrhorod, Lubny, Lokhvytsya and Hrebintsya as part of his all-Ukrainian pre-election tour.

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