Vitaliy Klychko Named His Political Allies and Opponents

08.10.2012 22:21

“We are not going to sit quietly and observe the legal violations that occur daily in Ukraine. We are fighting. We have declared a battle – a battle for Ukraine, and we will win it,” commented Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” Party during his speech at the “One on One” TV program led by Savik Shuster on the First National television channel.

“Political life is a struggle. It’s upholding your principles and interest. The more people we have in the parliament who uphold the interests of regular Ukrainians rather than a small group of oligarchs, who think that they sit at the right hand of God and own the whole country, the faster our lives standards will improve,” said Klychko.

In response to a question regarding his political partners, Klychko noted that “UDAR” should work together with parties that stand for the democratic development path and support European values, and unite with them in order to form a majority in the future Parliament.

“A good result at the elections will allow us to form a majority in the Parliament and have incredible influence over government formation and, as a result, all political processes in the country,” commented the Leader of “UDAR”.

Klychko emphasized that it is important for the next Parliament to include people who made it to the party lists thanks to their professional and moral qualities rather than personal connections, people who do not wait for changes in the country but herald them.

At the same time, Klychko identified people who are not interested in changes and used to protecting the interests of the privileged as his political opponents.

“Our opponents are those people who claim that they fight corruption while in reality they don’t shun luxurious cars and mansions all worth millions of dollars on a salary of several thousand hryvnyas. They are not afraid of the question where this money is coming from,” noted Vitaliy Klychko.

Regarding the rumors about his party being financed by oligarchs, Klychko repeatedly emphasized that he has no such connections.

“Throughout the election campaign period, our opponents would do anything to cover us with dirt in order to make themselves look better. I find out something new about myself every day. Regardless of the labels these people try to attach to me and my family, none of them stick. That is because if Vitaliy Klychko is someone else’s project, he is a project of his parents,” argued the politician.

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