“UDAR” Demands Law Enforcement Officials Stop Large-Scale Vote-Buying in Electoral District #219

09.10.2012 09:30

According to residents of single-mandate district #219 (Borschahivka, Kyiv), representatives of Oleksandr Pabat, a pro-government candidate, are offering large bribes to local residents. The statement was made by the Press Office of Kyiv City election headquarters of the “UDAR” party.

Representatives of Oleksandr Pabat come to people’s houses and offer to pay UAH 150 upfront, with an additional UAH 250 to be paid after voting. At the same time, they ask voters to give them their passport details while elderly people are told not to come to voting stations since it is not necessary.

“UDAR” urges the Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate these violations and bring the responsible individuals to justice.

As a reminder, Section 13 of Article #74 of the Law “On Election of Members of the Parliament of Ukraine” prohibits any party from conducting the advertisement campaign through cash bribes or non-cash benefits, as well as calls to vote against a specific party or a prospective parliamentary candidate. As per Section 3 of Article #157 of the Criminal Code, such actions are subject to a penalty of up to five years in prison.

Commenting on the situation surrounding the bribery of votes, Serhiy Fedorchenko, an “UDAR” party candidate in district #219, said candidates from the ruling party are no longer able to win support from the voters fairly; that’s why they act unfairly.

Fedorchenko urged Kyiv residents not to sell their votes in case they want the situation in Kyiv and the country to change for the better. “Once again, officials want to buy voters so that they have a right to rob the country blind for another five years and remain unpunished. We cannot let ourselves be deceived.”

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