Vitaliy Klychko: “UDAR” Party Suggests New Parliament Build Anti-Corruption Coalition

09.10.2012 12:32

“UDAR” party should become the cornerstone of an anti-corruption coalition in the next Parliament, as well as the anti-corruption movement in Ukraine. The statement was made by the Leader of the “UDAR” Party during his meeting with media representatives in Konotop, Sumy Oblast.

According to Klychko, the “UDAR” Party conducted the “Government Lustration” campaign in September. During this campaign every citizen could anonymously report incidents of corruption. Most people complained about corrupt activities of government and local officials, police officers, municipal authorities, representatives of educational institutions, and judges.

Klychko said, “We have over 3,000 of reported incidents of corruption on file, some of which have specific names, titles and descriptions of corrupt activities. However, I am sure that there are many more – not thousands, but hundreds of thousands.” He mentioned that people are afraid to provide such information even anonymously. For example, Sumy Oblast registered only 56 reports.

At the same time, Klychko believes that despite fear and intimidation, people are tired and no longer willing to suffer constant extortion. “Today we are forced to live in a corrupt environment, to take and give bribes in fear that no other solution exists, that we won’t have access to certain medical or administrative services otherwise. Today Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world,” he said.

Leader of “UDAR” stressed that the party’s primary goal is to destroy the corrupt system. “Our party will become the cornerstone of the anti-corruption coalition in the next Parliament, as well as the anti-corruption movement across the country. We will transfer all the information we have to a special investigative committee, as well as the anti-corruption administration, which will be formed to complete lustration government,” he said.

“UDAR” continues its “Government Lustration” campaign. All proposals submitted by people will be taken into account at the stage of initiating anti-corruption laws.

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