“UDAR”: Local Authorities in Khmelnytsky Oblast Make Openly Anti-Semitic Statements and Brutally Violate Election Law

09.10.2012 12:52

Instead of going about his business, Ihor Dobzhansky, Head of Volochysk District State Administration of Khmelnytsky Oblast, is busy putting outright pressure on local residents in a bid to make them vote for the Party of Regions. At the same time, the president’s appointee doesn’t hide his anti-Jewish sentiments and makes statements that directly violate the Constitution of Ukraine and incite ethnic hatred and xenophobia.

The statement was included in an official letter from “UDAR” Party’s parliamentary candidates to Prosecutor General of Ukraine and Serhiy Lyovochkin, Head of Presidential Administration.

The letter talks about local residents and SME representatives who repeatedly complained about the pressure exerted on them by the local government official, his insistent demands to display flags of the Party of Regions on their premises. People complained about being called out to his office during working hours where they were threatened to be punished for “wrong votes” after October 29, as well as are forced to change their political beliefs in favor of the Party of Regions.

The letter says that the vocabulary of the local bureaucrat is beyond inappropriate. His statements like “Jews ransacked the country” are subject to a penalty under several articles of the Criminal Code. In addition to the letter, Party representatives provided proof, including audio tapes of the recorded pressure on voters, as well as anti-Jewish and xenophobic statements made by the president’s appointee when he openly bragged about his impunity, political patronage of the Oblast officials, in attempts to scare the people and make them support the ruling party.

In its letter, “UDAR” Party urges law enforcement organizations to investigate the situation and hold Head of Volochysk District State Administration liable in case the accusations are confirmed. In addition, while the investigation is underway, he should be removed from his office as an individual who violates the election law and the Constitution of Ukraine, and whose actions run contrary to the public call of President Yanukovych to hold fair elections and fight against anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

To listen to the audio tape of the recorded conversation with Ihor Dobzhansky, please click here: http://www.ex.ua/view_storage/653173977766.

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