“UDAR” Has Collected over 3,000 Reports of Corruption. All Will Be Investigated

09.10.2012 13:41

“UDAR” Party has completed the first stage of the “Government Lustration” program currently active in all regions of Ukraine. The Party has collected over 3,000 reports of corruption to be passed to the future Anti-corruption agency. Valentyn Nalyvaychenko reported “UDAR”’s progress on the program at a press-conference in Kyiv.

“State-sponsored corruption and lack of government accountability are primary threats to Ukraine’s democracy and nationhood. This is why “UDAR” is aiming to break this corrupt system and revitalize democracy. This is the only way to give Ukraine a chance to develop as a civilized nation, and to improve the quality of life according to European standards. We want “UDAR” to be the core of the anti-corruption coalition in the next convocation of the Parliament and the leader of the anti-corruption movement in the Ukrainian society,” said Nalyvaychenko.

With the help of local communities, “UDAR” began collecting information on specific cases of corruption. Effective September 5, every citizen affected by corruption had the opportunity to submit detailed information on the violations at the “UDAR” campaign tents, as well as online at www.stophabar.org

“UDAR” candidate Pavlo Rozenko specified that the program has already collected over 3,000 submissions. This includes not only 1,700 detailed reports of corruption, but also suggestions on fighting corruption in the country. Most of the citizens complained about corrupt actions of local government officials, police, public utility enterprises, education establishments, and judges. Pavlo Rozenko thanked all the citizens who participated in the first stage of the program and assured them that every report would be investigated and taken into account.

According to the citizen report statistics, the most corrupt spheres are the following: issuing of various permits/approvals from local government bodies, land distribution, and illegal fee collection for free administrative services, e.g. entering higher education establishments, medical services etc. Among the most often-named violators are city mayors and their deputies, national deputies of Ukraine, police officers of all ranks, judges, and school principals.

Valentyn Nalyvaychenko announced, “UDAR” will transfer all the collected information to the special anti-corruption organization to be established by the future Parliament for government lustration purposes, as well as to the corruption and fraud investigation committee in the Verkhovna Rada. We have already passed the cases that have sufficient proof to the Prosecutor General’s Office. The “Government Lustration” program will continue and will target not only corrupt officials, but also those guilty of election fraud.”

He emphasized, “The “UDAR” team has the political will and courage to create an anti-corruption agency which will answer to the Verkhovna Rada. This agency will be a real means to fighting corruption. A Civil Council consisting of journalists and human rights activists untainted by corruption will control the agency. The agency will be strictly controlled by the civil society and will constantly report on its actions and publicize investigation materials on cases of corruption and fraud.

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