Nalyvaychenko Draws Attention of International Organizations to Situation in District #97

09.10.2012 15:27

Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, former head of the Ukrainian Security Service and deputy candidate from the “UDAR” Party would like to draw international attention to the events in single-mandate district #97, where the District Election Committee (DEC) has started an all-out campaign to de-register Pavlo Rizanenko, the “UDAR” candidate in the district.

Nalyvaychenko addressed this issue in his letter to international election observation missions, OSCE, and U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.

Nalyvaychenko emphasized that the “UDAR” candidate in district #97 (Brovary, Kyiv oblast), who has good chances to win the elections, has to face constant attacks and attempts to discredit him as a candidate. “UDAR” has registered multiple violations in the district, including dissemination of false advertisement materials, fraud attempts during DEC and PEC formation, and threats toward candidates and committee members.

The most recent attempts to remove the “UDAR” candidate from the race were using the “minimum residence term” provision as well as spreading misinformation about the candidate stepping down. The DEC even initiated a court case against the candidate. Among other requirements, the Brovary DEC requested the local court to procure documents, which could justify de-registering of Pavlo Rizanenko.

Nalyvaychenko demanded that DEC members stop illegal actions and announced that anyone who dared to break the law would have to answer for it.

“Representatives of parties that violate electoral law and limit the right of people to vote freely and honestly are already on our list of “corrupt officials”, whom we will target under our “Government Lustration” program. Their action will have a legal response in the parliament. All corrupt officials will face lustration, and there will be no compromises,” emphasized Nalyvaychenko.

Incidents of pressure and use of administrative resources against “UDAR”’s single-mandate candidates have recently become more wide-spread, particularly in Zaporizhzhya, Khmelnitsky, Luhansk, and Odessa oblasts. “UDAR” has already passed the collected information on the countless cases of pressure and persecution of its party members since beginning of the campaign period to Prosecutor General personally.

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