Vitaliy Klychko Kept from Meeting Students of Poltava Technical University

10.10.2012 11:11

On his trip to Poltava on October 10, Vitaliy Klychko will meet local young people at the invitation of student organizations. However, the world-famous Ukrainian, politician, athlete and public activist once again faced problem in finding a venue.

The meeting was tentatively scheduled to take place in the lecture hall of Poltava National Technical University named after Yuiry Kondratiuk. However, over the last week meeting organizers failed to meet with the University’s principal in order to discuss details of the event.

Yuriy Solovey, Head of Poltava Oblast Election Headquarters of the “UDAR” Party, explained, “A secretary kept redirecting us to the principal’s deputies or other coordinating authorities, alleging as the reason that such issues are beyond his scope. Our request to hold the meeting on the premises of Poltava National Technical University was declined. When asked if the meeting with Vitaliy Klychko could be held close to the University, we were also refused.”

The Party addressed an official letter to the principal with a request to arrange the meeting. He promised to sit down and meet only after the letter got registered by the University’s Administrative Office. However, when Head of Election Headquarters came to the Administrative Office, the latter denied the registration although this is a gross breach of the election law. The regional office of the Party called this an example of administrative pressure.

“When we came to the Administrative Office, first we were told to wait until they find out whether our letter can be registered. The secretary left and shortly came back accompanied by security officers who tried to get us out of the University,” told Maryna Sikalova, a member of Poltava Oblast office of “UDAR” party. “We were told that it was forbidden to campaign on University premises. However, we were not campaigning at all.” She also added that the administration of Poltava National Technical University was not initially opposed to holding this event at the University, but changed their minds later on.

Despite resistance from Poltava local officials, Vitaliy Klychko will still meet with the students outdoors.

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