Administrative Resources and Vote-Buying are Primary Competitors of “UDAR” in Kyiv

10.10.2012 14:53

“The use of administrative resources and vote-buying are the main election campaign tools employed by pro-government candidates in single-mandate districts in Kyiv,” stated Serhiy Fedorchenko, an “UDAR” party candidate in district #219 (Svyatoshyn District, Kyiv).

“In particular, all housing management offices and municipal authorities of Svyatoshyn District are engaged in the promotion of Oleksandr Pabat, a pro-government candidate in district #219. Not a single move to improve landscaping and public amenities of the district is currently made without his personal involvement,” added Fedorchenko.

The “UDAR” Party candidate mentioned, “The pro-government candidates want Kyiv residents to consider all these works like playground painting or “face-lifting” of communal entrance hallways as their merit. In fact, this is the direct duty of the city authorities, which they should fulfill on a daily basis and not only before the elections. Besides, the money to get all this done comes from Kyiv residents when they pay taxes.”

In addition, according to “UDAR”, representatives of Pabat in the electoral district began overtly bribing voters by offering up to UAH 400 per vote to the most financially vulnerable social groups and the elderly.

Fedorchenko said, “Based on numerous facts reported by residents of Borschahivka, we can conclude that we are facing large-scale buying of thousands of votes. To that end, the “UDAR” Party has already filed a request for investigation with Prosecutor General’s Office.”

Independent observers also repeatedly report attempts of vote-buying by the pro-government candidates, including delivery of food packages and discount cards in other districts in Kyiv, e.g. #212, #214, #215, #217, #222 and #223.

The “UDAR” Party member expressed confidence that “this time Kyiv residents will uncover fraud schemes used by Pabat and other members of Chernovetskiy’s team in order to get into the Parliament.”

Fedorchenko summarized, “If we want to change our lives for the better, we should not support the politicians who made Kyiv look so miserable now. Once again, authorities want to buy voters so that they have a right to rob the country blind for another five years and remain unpunished. We cannot let ourselves be deceived.”

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