Klychko: Xenophobes and Election Law Violators Have No Place in Government

10.10.2012 17:15

Xenophobia or any other manifestations of intolerance are not the way for Ukraine. This is how Vitaliy Klychko commented the situation in Khmelnitsky oblast, where Head of Volochynsk Regional State Administration dared to make anti-Semitic remarks against “UDAR” members and continues to actively pressure anyone supporting opposition candidates, which is a serious violation of the election law.

“I am sure that this official wouldn’t dare to say something like that to my face. He and others like him are very afraid of us,” said Klychko, noting that xenophobia is not a desirable direction for Ukraine.

“Some politicians promote the idea of “Ukraine for Ukrainians”. We are against this. I would like to urge politicians who use such dirty methods to stop. Regardless of your nationality, religion or language, the only thing important is whether you love this country,” emphasized the Leader of “UDAR”.

During a meeting with Poltava media representatives, Klychko announced that such comments and actions by government representatives are not isolated cases. Every day “UDAR” receives numerous reports of administrative pressure, demands to “love” the Party of Regions, and threats by government representatives. The politician noted that such behavior of local government officials completely contradicts official declarations by the President of Ukraine. “He speaks of honest elections and opposition to xenophobia, while his governors and officials act in a completely different manner. I believe that their actions speak louder than his words,” noted Klychko.

The Leader of “UDAR” also added that his Party appealed to the relevant authorities demanding that they investigate of the situation in Khmelnitsky oblast and hold the Head of Volochynsk Regional Administration accountable in case the reported facts are confirmed.

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