14,000 People Attended Meeting with “UDAR” Leader in Poltava

10.10.2012 20:40

Over 14,000 Poltava residents assembled yesterday at the square near the Theater named after Gogol for a meeting with the Leader of “UDAR” Vitaliy Klychko.

“I’m not here for your votes. I’m here for your support. We want to change the rules of Ukrainian politics. We want it to be honest, open, and transparent. We are open to suggestions, and you, our voters, are our primary ally,” said Klychko.

The politician also introduced the single-mandate candidates running in Poltava oblast districts. He said that all of them were answerable to the people whose interests they vowed to protect in the next convocation of the Parliament.

“Tell these people honestly, why you got into politics,” queried Klychko. Serhiy Kaplin, candidate in district #144 responded that none of the “UDAR” candidates will betray their allegiance. He said, “We will strike down the Party of Regions, we will bring real democratic forces to the Parliament, we will build a new Ukraine, where people can live safely and comfortably.” The candidate added that October 28 will be the day Poltava and all of Ukraine will be freed from the current regime.

“We can win only if we stand together,” said Klychko and urged Poltava residents to check their names in the voter registry and attend the polls on Election Day to vote with their hearts.

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