Nalyvaychenko: “UDAR” Will Implement Judge Election and Removal Mechanisms

11.10.2012 16:52

Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, an “UDAR” candidate, commented during his visit to Cherkassy oblast, “We need to return integrity and justice to the courts, and return the right to fair judicial protection to the people. We know how to do this – by removing immunity from the judges and making them an elected position.”

“When I worked for the Security Service and had to detain Zvarych’s “gang” of judges, I was shocked by their impunity. We understand that criminal prosecution can’t solve everything, and new corrupt officials with limitless authority will replace those we punish. This is why the “UDAR” team wants to change the whole judicial system by limiting the authority and abolishing privileges of the judges and granting citizens the right to elect and remove judges from power,” said Nalyvaychenko.

“Lustration of government and the fight against corruption are possible only if we change the system. In the new Parliament, “UDAR” will vote for laws that will grant local communities the right to elect their own judges. These same communities will also be able to remove officials through a vote of no confidence – be it a judge, a policeman, a prosecutor or anyone else who fails to perform their duties properly. This will force anyone who wants to work for the government to act in an honest manner and work for the good of the people,” emphasized the politician.

Nalyvaychenko also emphasized that it’s necessary to abolish the judges’ legal immunity. “Everyone should be equal before the Law, and punishment should be inevitable,” he said.

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