Once Again, “UDAR” Facing Dark PR and Attacks in Kyiv City and Oblast

11.10.2012 19:17

“UDAR” activists have identified several incidents of “dark PR” use in just one night in Kyiv. For example, unidentified people have been spreading an issue of a fake newspaper “Stolichnye Vedomosti”, whose only aim was to discredit “UDAR”. The “newspaper” talks about the Party “plotting against the opposition, although even people uninvolved in politics can easily discern its libelous and absurd nature.

Commenting on this incident, “UDAR” Party regional election office said that these provocative materials showed up as soon as “UDAR” and “Batkivshchyna” agreed on supporting single candidates in single-mandate districts. “The people in power felt that they could lose all the districts in the capital even despite the large number of technical candidates, widespread abuse of administrative resources and large-scale vote-buying,” emphasized the “UDAR” representatives.

“The party in power is constantly trying to divide the opposition forces; when that failed they turned to dirty methods. Chernovetsky’s “young team” could also be involved in this publication, because its members would lose their districts if the opposition forces agreed on single candidates – regardless of government support. This fake publication’s style is quite similar to Chernovetsky’s,” noted the “UDAR” representatives.

“UDAR” also noted that the “newspaper” is nor in the State register of printed media, and lacks the mandatory output information required by the election law. According to section 22 of article 74 of the law, producing and disseminating such fake media is illegal. Such actions can be considered criminal and punished with up to 5 years of imprisonment under articles 157 and 159-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

“UDAR” Kyiv office appealed to the Prosecutor’s office and police with a request to stop distribution of the fake newspaper and to launch an official investigation of the crime.

Additionally, in Brovary another libelous leaflet was distributed on the same day; it contained false information and insults against the Leader of “UDAR” Vitaliy Klychko. The leaflet also lacked the mandatory output information.

At the same time, unknown people continue to spoil and break “UDAR” advertisement structures in Kyiv city and oblast. Specifically, “UDAR” advertisements along the Odessa highway were replaced with Party of Regions ads, despite the fact that “UDAR” agreements with advertisement agencies regarding these billboards are still active.

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