“UDAR” Made Law Enforcement Investigate Party of Regions Violations

11.10.2012 20:13

On October 11, according to the information from “UDAR” representative in the CEC Valeriy Karpuntsov, the Central Election Committee partially addressed the “UDAR” Party appeal regarding Party of Regions actions.

“UDAR” notified the CEC that in Cherkassy oblast Party’s advertisements on billboards, paid in full from the Party’s election fund, were replaced with Party of Regions ads without legal grounds.

Despite the fact that such actions violate not only the election law but also a number of Criminal Code provisions, the CEC continuously attempts to give this issue a formal treatment and never even had the intention to involve law enforcement agencies in the process.

However, this time around the “UDAR” representative managed to persuade a majority of CEC members to finally send the case to law enforcement. This even involved changing the respective draft decision on the issue prepared by the CEC legal service and voted during an earlier CEC meeting.

At the same time, “UDAR” emphasized that as of today, none of the complaints made with law enforcement regarding violations of election law had been addressed. “UDAR” did not even receive a formal response on any of them.

Therefore, the “UDAR” Party once again urges the CEC and law enforcement to stop acting like bystanders in the Ukrainian electoral process but rather use all their legal means in order to fulfill their duty of ensuring the legality of national deputy elections in Ukraine.

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