Valentyn Nalyvaychenko: We Will Fight Corruption Actively in All Branches of Government

12.10.2012 17:10

According to Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, “UDAR” deputy candidate, the Party has collected over 3,500 reports about incidents of corruption in Ukraine since September. The politician added that the Party members have already collected over 18,000 signatures of Vinnytsya residents against the so-called “medical reform” implemented by the government in several regions as an experiment.

“We are planning to begin an active fight against corruption in all branches of government based on citizen reports,” promised Nalyvaychenko. During his visit, he talked to community leaders, lawyers, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. During these meetings, the politician also introduced Lyudmyla Stanislavenko, “UDAR” candidate in district #11.

“Lyudmyla has already begun collecting signatures against the so-called medical reform in Vinnytsya oblast. This “reform” along with the way the government is handling it is one of the most cynical instances of corruption in Ukraine. “UDAR” members have already collected a large number of signatures, and we will not leave this issue unattended. Everyone guilty of introducing this transaction scheme should be held accountable,” emphasized Nalyvaychenko.

In response to a question regarding the structure of the future anti-corruption agency, Nalyvaychenko commented, “It will include public activists, journalists, and lawyers. All of them will be elected by local communities, take an oath, and report about their work in the Parliament.”

During his trip to Vinnytsya, Nalyvaychenko also met with university professors, historians, and archive staff.

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