“UDAR” Party Withdrew Some of Its Candidates in Single-Mandate Districts in Favor of Opposition

14.10.2012 10:36

In a public statement released today, “UDAR” Party said that it had withdrawn some of its candidates in single-mandate districts in favor of the opposition candidates to help ensure victory over pro-government candidates. The Party also called on other democratic forces to follow suit and withdraw their candidates in favor of “UDAR” candidates in other districts.

Statement of the “UDAR” Political Party

As a result of talks held with “Batkivshchyna” party representatives about the situation in single-mandate districts and in a bid to ensure the victory and formation of a democratic majority in the next convocation of the Parliament, the “UDAR” Party states:

  1. “UDAR” and “Batkivschyna” must make every effort to prevent pro-government candidates from winning in the single-mandate districts.

  2. “Batkivschyna” upheld “UDAR”’s call to identify single candidates from the opposition in single-mandate districts based on the results of independent sociological studies and public approval ratings, as well as prospects for beating nominees of the Party of Regions and its satellites.

  3. Realizing its responsibility to the people of Ukraine and its voters, the “UDAR” Party is committed to withdrawing 26 candidates in favor of the “Batkivshchyna” candidates.

In support of our efforts, we expect “Batkivschyna” to respond in kind and withdraw its candidates in 22 districts.

  1. Six candidates of the “UDAR” Party are withdrawn in favor of the pro-opposition self-nominated candidates. We expect to support them in partnership with “Batkivschyna”.

  2. In those districts where the pro-government candidates are not likely to win or the withdrawal of either “UDAR” or “Batkivschyna” candidates may not affect the situation on the whole, we encourage voters to support the democratic force whose beliefs they share.

The “UDAR” Party didn’t force its candidates to withdraw. These are conscious and deliberate decisions. The appropriate legal procedure was observed at the Party congress.

We expect “Batkivschyna” to take similar steps based on the agreements achieved during the talks.

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