“UDAR” Party Asks CEC to Remove 32 Single-Mandate Candidates in Favor of Opposition

14.10.2012 14:30

Saturday, October 14, immediately after the Party congress, “UDAR” asked Central Election Committee to cancel registration of 32 of its candidates in single-mandate districts, who are exiting the race in favor of “Batkivshchyna” candidates and pro-opposition independents.

The “UDAR” Party is removing 26 of its SMD candidates in favor of “Batkivshchyna” and 6 more in favor of pro-opposition independent candidates. Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of “UDAR” announced this news at a press conference in Kyiv.

The politician emphasized that the decision to call back the 26 candidates was made based on a sociological study carried out jointly by the two parties. “UDAR” also hopes that “Batkivshchyna” will support the 6 independents in the districts where its candidates also stepped down.

“We are happy that our party members understood the importance of this agreement and did the responsible thing by stepping down,” said Klychko. He believes that this is a logical course of action in a situation where every vote in favor of the opposition is important. “We shouldn’t split votes by infighting. Only the Party of Regions will benefit from this. Our main task is to create a democratic majority in the Parliament and to remove Party of Regions from power,” said the Leader of “UDAR”.

Klychko also claimed that “UDAR” expects “Batkivshchyna” to act in kind and call back 22 SMD candidates in favor of “UDAR” at the party congress on Monday.

Vitaliy Kovalchuk, manager of the “UDAR” election HQ noted at the press conference, “Most of our candidates whom we decided to call back have already written the relevant official statements. We provided the legal procedure for this decision at our party congress.”

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