Vitaliy Klychko: We Should Live by European Laws

14.10.2012 17:59

Ukraine should be governed by democratic laws, not criminal principles. The statement was made by Vitaliy Klychko during his meeting with residents of Poznyaky District, Kyiv.

Klychko said, “We want to live in a normal, democratic country which is governed by laws. Our authorities are not accountable for their actions; those in power cover for each other, and the government protects its “own people”. They neglect laws and primarily focus on “earning” money, accepting bribes and playing hooky with national resources.”

According to the Leader of the “UDAR” Party, this is the main reason why Ukraine lacks one of the basic principles of a democratic society, i.e. the dialogue between the opposition and the government. Not only does the ruling party ignore its opponents, it also tries to destroy opposition forces. “A country is not democratic when there is no dialogue between the opposition and the government, and opposition leaders are put in prison. We will call for the decriminalization of articles that stipulate imprisonment of the government’s opponents.”

When introducing Kyryl Kulikov, an “UDAR” party candidate in single-mandate district #221, Klychko added that the “UDAR” Party strives to create an environment, in which Ukrainians could live according to European standards, as well as to ensure that the government respects democratic values. All it takes to do that is to remove the Party of Regions from power.

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