“UDAR”: Joint Statement with “Svoboda” Is Fake

15.10.2012 13:33

“UDAR” Party officially announced that it had not released any joint statements with Svoboda, as well as notified that such information had been published on a fictitious web site.

The creation of the fake web site, which perfectly replicates the official “UDAR” site, as well as disseminates defamatory information against the Party’s opposition peers is a well-weighed and carefully crafted anti-campaign, which was knowingly launched on the day when “Batkivshchyna” convened its congress. The anti-campaign was aimed at causing trouble between the opposition forces, so that they failed to reach an agreement regarding a nomination of common candidates in single-mandate districts.

Commenting on the situation, Vitaliy Klychko, Leader of the “UDAR” Party, mentioned that he had heard the news an hour ago. “I hereby officially declare that this is not our official web page; it is used to disseminate defamatory information that has nothing to do with “UDAR”. Our official web page is www.klichko.org.  All announcements we publish are available there or from primary sources of information,” said Klychko.

The politican stressed that with an election campaign in its final stage, political opponents are using all available tools to sling mud at their competitors. Vitaliy Klychko added, “Who is interested in doing so? All those who wish the opposition ultimately split up. It’s not too hard to guess who these people are. The ruling party stands to benefit from this.”
To sum up, the media reported the news about the launch of the fictitious web site, which perfectly replicates the official page of the “UDAR” Party. On Monday, on behalf of the Party’s Press Office, it published the faked joint statement by Vitaliy Klychko and Leader of “Svoboda”.

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