Klychko: Moves by Opposition Peers Put Victory of Democratic Forces in Parliamentary Elections at Stake

16.10.2012 14:58

Poor efforts undertaken by “Batkivshchyna” towards nomination and support of common candidates in single-mandate districts seriously undermine the opposition’s chances of ensuring a democratic majority in the next convocation of the Parliament. This statement was made by Vitaliy Klychko during his meeting with media representatives in Cherkassy Oblast.

The politician believes that “Batkivshchyna”’s activities will have an impact on the outcome of the elections. “The competiton will be growing. Unfortunaltey, the ruling party stands a good chance of winning. “Batkivshchyna”’s activities are reducing our chances of building a democratic majority in the next convocation of the Parliament,” said Klychko.

The politician stressed that “UDAR” called back its candidates in favor of “Batkivshchyna” as promised. Klycko added, “We kept our word. We withdrew those candidates who had lower approval ratings based on the results of the sociological study evaluating their chances in certain districts. And they stepped down.”

Leader of the “UDAR” Party mentioned that mutual accusations by opposition members had repeteadly led to their defeat. “I don’t want to blame anyone and think that voters will be able to make their own conclusions by analyzing activities of political parties, which will most certainly translate into their approval ratings,” said Klychko.

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