Smear Campaign Run by Authorities Against “UDAR” Gets Nasty. Party of Regions Plot Large-Scale Provocation in Donetsk

17.10.2012 13:52

“UDAR” was informed that representatives of the Party of Regions in Donetsk were getting ready for a large-scale provocation. The Party’s active supporters are recruiting people to rally against “UDAR” in exchange for remuneration. Mass media representatives are being haunted as well.

According to “UDAR”’s inside information, the provocation is going to be a large one, and its organizers spare no expense in their attempts. In general, the rally promises to bring about thousand people, who will be destroying the Party’s symbols in front of TV cameras. This will be staged as an alleged “revenge of injured and angry activists”.

“UDAR” stresses that medieval methods of a political struggle show the true face of the ruling party, which has treated the eastern Ukraine as its home territory for a long time. The emergence of a nationwide political party, whose approval rating is rapidly growing with more people showing their support, makes the Party of Regions nervous and retort to dirty techniques.

“UDAR” states that the amount of dirty tricks used against the Party is outrageous; lies, provocations, false newsletters, filthy video shots and movies, stained or broken billboards. All this requires huge resources, both financial and administrative. These resources are now owned by the Party of Regions. “UDAR” believes that the violence won’t help the “dirty” officials as voters see everything firsthand and can tell the difference between truth and two-faced provocations.

The “UDAR” Party will report all incidents of unfair competition to international observers and democratic institutions, which are monitoring the ongoing election campaign in Ukraine. The Party concluded, “Dirt and manipulation will not have an impact on how Europe and the international community assess the parliamentary elections in Ukraine.”

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