Klychko: “UDAR” Isn’t Trading Seats, but Preparing for Elections and to Protect Honest Results

17.10.2012 16:49

The “UDAR” Party isn’t concerned with premature trading of deputy titles in the future parliament, because it’s focused on enabling the democratic forces to defeat the ruling party, protect honest election results, and create a democratic majority in the new Parliament. Leader of “UDAR” made this statement during his interview in Bukovyna.

“This is not the time to divide deputy seats. First, we must win the elections and form a democratic majority. Only then can we talk about the next step,” said Klychko. He noted that “UDAR” intended to “remove” Azarov’s cabinet, and would never be in a coalition with the Party of Regions or its satellites.

The politician also stressed that the “UDAR” HQ is very responsive to all suggestions from other opposition parties. He mentioned that he had not yet seen the proposal from “Batkivshchyna” to form a coalition in the next convocation, as he is busy with his pre-election tour. “I sincerely hope that I can study the document in the nearest future,” said Klychko. The politician added that it is important not only to declare certain intents and sign papers, but also to honor the agreements. “We have already faced situations when agreements were signed but not honored,” said the Leader of “UDAR”.

As part of his visit to Bukovyna, Klychko visited Hlyboka, Novoselytsya, and Zastavna, where he introduced Hryhoriy Timish and Bohdan Balasynovych, the “UDAR” candidates in districts 203 and 204. He also visited the “Romashka” orphanage in Orshivtsi village.

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