Government Hinders Voter Meeting with Klychko in Kyiv Oblast

18.10.2012 13:06

Local administration of Kyiv oblast is using all available methods to obstruct meetings between residents of Irpen and Vyshneve and Leader of the “UDAR” Party Vitaliy Klychko, who has scheduled a working visit to the region on October 19.

Executive Committee of Vyshneve town council went to Kyiv Regional Administrative Court with a request to prohibit such meetings “in the interest on national security and civil order”. The court immediately satisfied the claim, basing its opinion on the statement that the visit of the “UDAR” Leader will cause “real danger of disorder and crime, and will threated the health, rights, and freedoms of the population”.

Lawyers of “UDAR” candidate office in district 95, where Oleksandr Yurakov is organizing the event, challenged the decision of the court, as they found such actions of the officials illegal and ridiculous.

“Despite the opposition of local authorities, the meeting with Vitaliy Klychko will still take place. Residents of Vyshneve have been waiting for a long time this visit by the Hero of Ukraine, famous sportsman, philanthropist, and leader of the most popular political force in the town. This is why the officials are so frightened that they dare to infringe on the Constitutional Right of free peaceful assembly under ridiculous pretexts like “danger to national security”. All of their claims are absurd: for example, they say that the visit will require the administration to close major roads during working hours, which would “paralyze the city transportation network” – all despite the fact that the meeting will take place at the local stadium,” reported the “UDAR” Party.

At the same time in Irpen, unknown assailants have beaten “UDAR” Party activists who were posting invitations to another meeting with Klychko. Party members directed the case to local police. Soon after the incident, law enforcement officers took away the two activists without warning or explanation. It was only thanks to the intervention of local “UDAR” deputies that the activists were freed.

Additionally, according to Irpen City Council deputy Yaroslav Misyats, organized teams of Tax Academy students dressed as Utility Service workers and directed by Petro Melnyk, deputy from the Party of Regions, actively spoil and destroy “UDAR” campaign materials around the city, tearing down announcements of Vitaliy Klychko’s visit.

“UDAR” Party stressed that the meetings with Vitaliy Klychko in Vyshneve and Irpen will still take place at the announced time and place, despite local government obstruction.

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