Natalya Ahafonova: We Should Create a Democratic Coalition Right After Elections

18.10.2012 15:16

The “UDAR” Party thinks that creating a democratic coalition is appropriate only after the parliamentary election is over, and its results are secure, declared Natalya Ahafonova, deputy candidate from the “UDAR” Party during a discussion at Vitaliy Portnikov’s “Politclub”.

Ahafonova commented, “UDAR”’s basic stance is that we will never enter a coalition with the Party of Regions. As for signing a coalition agreement with “Batkivshchyna”, this has to be a constructive dialogue.” The invitation to enter a democratic coalition should not sound like an ultimatum; “UDAR” is one of the opposition leaders in these elections, and intends to form a coalition of the democratic forces in the new Parliament for the sake of changes in Ukraine, according to Ahafonova.

Natalya Ahafonova also invited the opposition forces to address one issue at a time, and not attempt to trade parliament seats they haven’t earned yet. “The most important task today, for both “UDAR” and “Svoboda”, is to grant a victory to the democratic forces in the elections, and to protect honest election results,” noted the “UDAR” representative. She proposed United Opposition and “Svoboda” to unite around this principle first and only then raise the issue of a democratic coalition.

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