Government Targeting Single Opposition Candidates

18.10.2012 16:08

Opposition candidates in single-mandate districts, who were identified as “single opposition candidates” by “UDAR” and “Batkivshchyna”, have become a target for the ruling party. Realizing that in these districts Party of Regions candidates have no chance of victory, the incumbents have turned the election campaign into a “battle for Stalingrad”.

Pavlo Rizanenko, “UDAR” Party candidate in district #97 informed the press about the situation during a press-conference at UNIAN.

According to the candidate, after he had been identified as a single opposition candidate, the ruling party mobilized all available resources to begin an anti-campaign against him, including dirty campaign tricks and spreading false information about him and “UDAR”.

“Fake Pavlo Rizanenko blogs sprang up on several well-known Internet resources simultaneously with the creation of the copycat “UDAR” site containing a fake “joint announcement” by Klychko and Tyahnybok. Soon, local municipal newspaper “Nove Zhittya” (“New Life”) released a special edition, whose entire purpose was to spread libelous information about Rizanenko. Notably, the funds for this publication came out of the local budget – or out of the pockets of residents of district #97 in Brovary. Law enforcement ignored our complaints; supposedly, it’s not an “official publication” so there was no reason to hinder its dissemination,” related political expert Yevhen Zoloteryov and former editor of “New Life” Olena Slyzyuk.

Another publication appeared recently in Brovary, titled “Elections 2012. Who is who?” This one was also devoted entirely to the same provocative information about Pavlo Rizanenko. Interestingly enough, it was officially published by deputy candidate Askerov Khazar Duman Ogli, who is a technical candidate and had shown no campaign activity prior to this publication.

“This dirty information attack involving open use of municipal media is just the beginning of the final duel between the ruling party and democratic opposition in district #97. Voters have already realized that the government is spreading outright lies about me; therefore, these libelous leaflets will not help them win. The main task of the opposition remains counteracting fraud on Election Day,” stressed Pavlo Rizanenko, deputy candidate from the “UDAR” Party in district 97.

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